Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Haven't been feeling great the past couple of days. Especially today, very tired, no energy and joints ache. Hmmmm going to have to review things. I had a few coffee on Sunday and my body did not like it...think I would learn. :(  Looks like I have to back up again to try figure out what the issue is. Eggs maybe?? I've been eating them since last week....would it take that long to react. ?? Going back to the fish & safe veggies for a few days to see what happens.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Rainy Friday

It is teaming down rain here today we're getting upwards of 40mm, would  love to be able stay in bed today with a good book. However that doesn't pay the bills. Nothing new to report really, just plugging away. Still feeling good. My new foods other than the base list are chicken,beef,stringbeans,eggs & mixed greens. I am slowly expanding the list. I walked 4 times this week for 30mins ea time. That is very good for me. They are not fast walks, but at least I am out there. Will be getting my bicycle(my passion) out this weekend to go for a trial run, it will be eaiser on my ankle I think. I have not cycled this year yet and I miss it.:) One thing I have noticed is that prior to this change in diet I had diaherra at least 3 times per week and now it has stopped. I always blamed it on the medications, however it seems it must have been food related as I haven't had it since. Another bonus!!! The challenge to this diet is eating out, I have not done that yet but as my list expands it will get eaiser I suppose. Just another great week! I am glad to hear my friend Jen is back on track and feeling good again...keep up the fight Jen ..good work:)!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

More fish

Last evening I introduced another fish..salmon....I had it again for breakfast, seems weird to be eating fish and veggies for breakfast but I love it and so does my body. I respond really well to fish and I have no problem eating lots of it. I am find my appetite has decreased alot and I am more satisified after meals than the previous weeks. I realized how little protien I was eating prior to this diet  Over all I am feeling much better. My bodys loves my changed diet and the weight loss becauses of it will certainly help my weight bearing joints.  So far my new foods are beef, chicken, salmon & stringbeans. It has been just over 2 weeks since I've started this journey, has it been easy NO! Is it worth it ...VERY MUCH SO. In fact my friend who lives with me ask me to help her eat more healthly foods because she has seen such a good change in me. Of course I'll help ...just a few more veggies to chop!!!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Super Sunday

I had a great Day again!! Have been enjoying eating steak the past 2 days!I even took a chance and tried coffee again today...I just could not accept not having it! Had a cup and a half and no ill effects yet! Hoping I can have it in moderation. Soooo I did something today I have not done in a loooooong time. I went for a walk on the boardwalk(35 mins), although it was a very slow pace it was nice to just do it!! Although it was not without some pain as I have very little cartlidge left in 1 ankle but it was not unbearable. Life is good. !!!!Tomorrow a new food:) I am thankful today for the day I found  Jen's link on the Arthritis website....this diet has made a big difference in my Life. Thank you Cameron too I appreciate the advice & support


Saturday, September 11, 2010

Steak Hooray!

I had steak today and OMG it was yummy!! Funny I'm not even big on red meat, but it was something new and very very good. I just steamed it ...was pretty plain with just a bit of sea salt but I didn't mind. Hoping it sits ok....will not try anything else new for a few days. So far other than my starting foods my new ones now are stringbeans, chicken & beef. I am feeling very good today:)

Friday, September 10, 2010

Feeling Better

I feel better today! Going to stay on the "safe" stuff today and if I feel as good tomorrow I will try steak. I am anxious to expand my list as I am struggling today. I almost did the "coffee stop" this am ....was so close. This is VERY hard, but I am still hanging in ...by thinking of the "good feeling". One day at a time I guess. I am going to the movies tonight with a friend and my favorite part is always the popcorn....oh well hope the movie is good. I did read the book "Eat, Pray , Love and loved it so maybe the movie will inspire me to keep going. Except for the part where she eats Tons of Pasta in Italy!I
 saw my rheumatologist this morning. Things are going very well with my joints and he was very pleased with where I am. Dropped my plaquenil to 1 per day now. I was glad of that as I'd like to be taking 0 meds. I did not mention my diet as I know they just don't get it and he is the ONLY rheumatologist here on the Island and I do not want to lose him.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Backing Up

Yesterday and today not so good days. Head is aching , foggy and sore. Woke up last night and ankles and wrists were aching. Same this morning and a stiff neck to go with it. I am really not sure what the cause is. Thinking cucumber or apple or both. I am going to go back to the safe foods for a few days keeping chicken & green beans as I think they are ok. Lets hope it works.